UsagiToxic. Also known as Toxic Bunny or 毒性兎.

20 years old. Russian girl from Kazakhstan.
To annoying and aggressive SJW: I identify as Black Overlord and my preferred pronoun is Your Majesty. You are allowed to use only those, also check your privilege before speaking to me.

This blog contains random stuff and not for easily offended people. Mostly food, not very witty comments, anime gifs, fun things, mocking of things and people. cute art, and porn can be found here.

I also have an art blog: http://usagiscribbles.tumblr.com/


#crepes or #lempeng you decide… by tempetemptation http://instagram.com/p/ql0mVWhmAp/


#glutenfree isn’t so bad really 👍😊 #strawberries #gf #glutenfreepancakes #crepes #breakfast #highprotein by mom2five5 http://instagram.com/p/ql41vnSw38/


A breakfast fruit platter of Dragonfruit, Nectarine, Cherries, Bananas and Passionfruit: there’s really nothing better than the combination of fresh fruit and free time to enjoy it.

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Good morning & have a good Friday! 🌞✌
Friday #breakfast 💖 ➡ #Oat #crepes with various fillings🔸1⃣ Unsweetened applesause 🍏 & no sugar apricot 🍑 #jam🔸2⃣ #Chocolate 🍫 quark cream🔸3⃣ Vanilla #quark cream (the second crepe on the side 😊)🔸topped with #coconutflakes • #cashew • #raspberries & #blueberries 🍒
Овсяные #блинчики 💕 с различными начинками (яблочное пюре и джем без сахара • шоко-творожный крем • ванильный творожный крем) + кокосовая стружка, кешью, #малина и голубика 😍
Thank you for crepe’s recipe @tastyhealth! Very #tasty 👍
Оочень вкусные блинчики! 😋
Могу продублировать рецепт на русском, если нужно 😉 by claire_357 http://instagram.com/p/qlaQ3gOwd8/


Avocado and cucumber rolls

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