UsagiToxic. Also known as Toxic Bunny or 毒性兎.

20 years old. Russian girl from Kazakhstan.
To annoying and aggressive SJW: I identify as Black Overlord and my preferred pronoun is Your Majesty. You are allowed to use only those, also check your privilege before speaking to me.

This blog contains random stuff and not for easily offended people. Mostly food, not very witty comments, anime gifs, fun things, mocking of things and people. cute art, and porn can be found here.

I also have an art blog: http://usagiscribbles.tumblr.com/

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Spicy Tuna Corn Dog from culinarybrodown

What. Is. This.

Where can I get this???

I don’t know, but I need it in my life!

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A farmer’s bounty: Rows of Raspberries, and stunning Donut Peaches and Nectarines

I had the absolute perfect day today, which culminated in an unexpected visit to a farmer’s market at Cape Ann in MA. Encapsulated in the course of a magical 8 hours, I visited Rockport in MA, an hour away from Boston, and ate fresh lobsters at the famous Roy Moore Lobster co. with raspberries, mango, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and quinoa from home, followed by ice cream at The Ice Cream store, and the day ended with the excitement of the farmers market where I had vegan chilli and guacamole alongside excessive amounts of stone fruit. Check out the real time feed of my foodie adventures on my Instagram at @redefiningfood!

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TLT with Avocado - Tempeh, lettuce and tomato, topped with creamy avocado

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